What our clients say

"I have learned more Arabic in the last 10 days than in the last 6 years living in Dubai."
Natasha Limonova, Office Administrator, UAE

"After watching the introductory video, I tried it out on my Arabic friends. They were impressed and then I decided to sign up for the Basic Arabic Learning Course."
Sujit Padmanabhan, Banker, Qatar

"Speaking to locals in Arabic makes them happy and I get a lot of admiration and respect from the Arabic speaking customers."
Jamal Hussain, Investment Consultant, Saudi Arabia

"Being complete beginners, we were not sure how much colloquial Arabic we would be able to learn after 60 days of the course. The teacher is helpful as the Arabic used by him is acceptable all over. We have started speaking and it is working. I think it is a very simple program but an extremely useful one."
Sheila and Knut Abraham, Business Owners, UAE

"I already feel confident and I am sure my career prospects in the middle east would improve once I complete this course. Having taken a break for 3 years from work after our child was born, It is refreshing to go through this experience."
Anjum Mohammed, Housewife, UAE

"I think learning Arabic really helps. I have recommended many of my friends intending to move to the Arab World to join up. Keep up the good work!"
Peter Wilson, Attorney, Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE