Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Why can I not see the video?
Answer : Our video content is delivered in the Flash Video format and will play inside your browser with the Free Flash player plug-in, Please install the Flash player plug-in here

Question 2) Why is the video playing bit by bit and not seamlessly?
Answer : Our video content is optimized for delivery on broadband connections of 256 kbps or more, if you are on a slower connection please pause the video, allow some buffering and then click play. If you are on a broadband connection, please close other windows or stop loading web pages in them while watching our videos.

Question 3) Playing videos on your site is causing my system to become slow, why?
Answer : It is possible that you have an older version of the Flash plug-in and/or older browsers, please upgrade to a modern browser like Internet Explorer 8 ( Download here ), Firefox 3+ ( Download here ), , Opera 10 ( Download here ), or Chrome 2 ( Download here ),  and install the latest version of the Flash Player for your Operating System from here

Question 4) How do I watch the videos full screen?
Answer : You may watch the videos full screen by clicking on the square box at the right end of the player and return to original size by pressing esc key. However since the videos are low bandwidth optimized they will look hazy when played full screen.

Question 5) Why does the sound volume not increase even when I set the volume to full in the player?
Answer : Our player is set to only play to the maximum sound volume set by the user in his system, and by default it only plays at 50 % of system volume, if you wish to increase the volume please increase both the player and the system sound volume.

Question 6) I found a bug where do I report it?
Answer : We thank you for your quality checks, please send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it outlining the exact steps to reproduce the bug. We aspire to fix it within two working days of reporting.